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بنؤں وولن ملز لیمیٹڈ
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COMPANY OVERVIEW کمپنی کا عمومی جائزہ

Bannu Woollen Mill Ltd was established by PIDC in 1953 and as such is the oldest woolen industry of Pakistan. On disinvestments by PIDC in 1964, it was purchased by Bibojee Group of Companies founded by a renowned industrialist of the country Late Lt.Gen.(R)M. Habibullah Khan Khattak. This group of companies is engaged in the manufacture of a vast range of products, providing jobs to thousands of hands directly and many more indirectly through down-stream industries and is making considerable contribution to the National exchequer and the GDP.

The mills was made a public limited company in 1992 and is quoted at Karachi/Islamabad Stock Exchanges.

The company's quality management system has been certified and registered against ISO 9001-2000 standards by M/S Moody International Certification Ltd; with accreditation to M/S UKAS(U.K).

The Mills manufactures a variety of woollen products which include tweed, blazer, velour, superior/donigal/honey shirting, byla & byma for light winter wear, blankets, shawls, services dress cloth, upholstery and curtain cloth etc. in attractive shades and designs.